Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ok, it has been a long time

I am going to try and do this weekly again so people can stay up-to-date. Especially with flu season, we are just about on lockdown again.
Apple and Boo are getting so big, I just can't believe how fast it happens. I now know what people mean!

Apple is starting on some heavier food and milk to try and fatten him up a little and seems to like it. He ate all his oatmeal plus Boo's this morning! I don't know where it all goes. You can actually tell a difference when you pick him up after eating. He is getting the hang of crawling, he does: left, right, belly in quite a fast rotation!

Boo is off and crawling for sure. This morning she made it from the family room through the kitchen and into the hallway. I stepped out of our room and there she was just smiling at me.

Kevin just called and told me they just crawled up to each other and studied each other for a bit, so dang cute!!

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