Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Baby Girl

Boo had a bit of a stomach bug last week Wednesday night and still wasn't feel well Thursday morning.  Just wanted a lot of cuddling and didn't have much of an appetite.
Friday morning Kevin left a little before 9:00 to pick Tyler up for the weekend and Boo fell in the kitchen and had a seizure.  While it seemed like it lasted forever, it really was probably only 20 seconds.  However, it was long enough for her lips and face to turn blue.  I called 911 and by the time the police paramedic arrived, she was sleeping in my arms.  She was difficult to wake up and by the time Kevin came back, the paramedics had arrived and were ready to take her to the hospital.
They ran some blood work on her which didn't show anything besides that she wasn't feeling well (slightly dehydrated) and within a couple of hours we were back home.
Within an hour of being home, she seized again.  Back the same police paramedic came and he walked in and said, "How are you back already?"  Again, she was already sleeping in my arms.  We then took our second ambulance trip of the day to DeVos.  This time the doctors had quite a different air about them.  They immediately got a CT scan and spinal tap, all which came back clean.  While we were talking to the peds resident, Boo seized again.  This one lasted about as long as the other two.
Soon after we are admitted upstairs to the peds floor and she had her fourth seizure.  This one lasted about a minute so they were lasting longer and happening quicker.  They talked to a peds neurologist and they prescribed an anti-seizure medicine.  Meanwhile, I had caught Boo's stomach bug and the nurses were kind enough to set me up with some toiletries so I could shower and brush my teeth.  While I was in the shower they came to administer her the meds and she seized again.  Her 5th seizure lasted 1 1/2 minutes.
They told us the medicine would also make her sleepy and I was relieved to have her get some sleep knowing that she was on the monitor that I could watch to make sure she was ok.
Her 6th and final seizure happened about 10:30 that night and went back down to only lasting 1 minute and seemed a little less severe.  They were already thinking these were from her stomach bug, viral induced seizures.  She never had a fever, it was just the way her body reacted to the toxins.
The neurologist, who happened to be a friend from high school's new husband, prescribed another time of anti-seizure medicine and that got us through with no more seizures.  Boo woke up around midnight and wouldn't fall back to sleep.  It took about 90 minutes to get her to go back down and the same thing happened again at 4:00.  She wanted up but because of the seizures and medicine she didn't have good control and was wobbly and couldn't crawl or stand up.  It was too much for me to watch, I just couldn't do it.  Thankfully my mom was there and her and our nurse helped get Boo to sleep while I walked the floors a bit.  It seemed to help that I was there so she wasn't reaching for me.  At least that is what I am choosing to believe since I couldn't "mom up".
The next morning she woke up and seemed a bit better.  When Dr. Chillag, my friend's husband, came in, he even got a bit of a smile out of her.  Even though I had never met him, it was nice to have an extra connection with him.
We spent the rest of the day at the hospital with no more seizures.  That evening we even walked around the halls with her for a bit.  Kevin went home around 8:00 to relieve my mom and put Apple down for the night.  I was completely scared that she would seize again around that time because they had said the medicine would last in her brain for around 20 hours, putting me right around that time.  I asked if they could skip the vitals check that night because that is what woke her the other times the night before.  They agreed because she was on the monitor.
After some amazing chats with friends and words of hope and faith, I dozed on and off as did Boo.  I heard her toss and turn a bit but we slept through until about 6:30.  She was definitely feeling a bit better and even did a little dancing to Mickey Mouse in her crib that morning.  It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen!

Later that morning they let us go home.  She hasn't seized since Friday night and hopefully we will never see it again.  The next time she is sick we will have to watch her closely, her chances of this happening again go up from 1% to 2%.
For now though, her and her brother are happy she is home!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated Halloween all weekend long!  Friday we had a NICu reunion at the Children's Museum.  The kids loved it, looking at all the other kids, the costumes and the toys!

Saturday was actual trick or treating in Jenison so we made the rounds to visit some family and friends.  They only had an hour nap so it was a short trip out!

Sunday church had their annual Spooktacular and the kids again had a great time looking at everybody and just running around.

I am ready to be done with dressing them up every night and not getting home until after bedtime so I am glad to pack Halloween 2010 away for the year!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Nursery

My blog friend and former co-worker has given me such inspiration through her blog! Luckily I kept seeing a name on a childhood friend's facebook that looked familiar and what do you was Abby! What a small, weird world! I have updated our family room and kitchen and have even finally started to finish the nursery solely because she is having a nursery party on her blog to show off people's nursery. While I still have a couple of more pieces to buy (specifically some hooks at Hobby Lobby which were not on sale. And you know HL, if it isn't on sale this week, it will be next week!) Anyway, here are some pics of our nursery. Because we didn't find out what we were having, we had to keep it neutral. And now that there is a boy and a girl in there, I still like to just keep the original colors and get their blues and pinks in through the clothes.

My favorite thing in the nursery, it is one of those Uppercase Living things you put on the wall but I wanted to be able to keep it forever so I put it on canvas. I do not recommend this! Luckily, Kev used to love doing model cars when he was little so he did all the detailing.
Turned out it matched the colors in the changing table cover perfectly! I still use our changing table almost exclusively which I think it quite rare from what I have heard from others!

I love the shelf running along the top of two walls. Mainly because I can display things out of reach of little hands. I was already on bed rest so I told my mom what I was envisioning and she went out and found the perfect pieces! I didn't want everything baby-ish so we got some safari-like pieces at of course, Hobby Lobby to go along with the wall decals. And of course I had to display the little Cabbage Patch dolls Uncle Ryan & Aunt Kate got the babies! I think that was our first baby gift.

Just some more wall decals....

The room looks quite stark in this picture! I used to have these cozy brown bumpers on the cribs but took them off when the babes started sleeping in their cribs and just a couple of months ago went to put them back on and decided a don't like bumpers. I don't like all the ties, it looks messy to me. I try and keep their sheets coordinated, green, tan, brown polka dots or stripes. For the longest time Apple would only sleep on a blanket that we used out on the couch when they would wake up so we tried to replace it with a velvet sheet. Not sure if it really works or not but I am not willing to find out!

I literally just hung these bamboo pieces before I took this pic! I told myself I was going to do something different with this dresser, it was already in the room but I haven't yet. However, with all my new inspiration, I am ready to tackle it. I am thinking of just painting the light wood brown, it isn't a quality piece so I will not put that much effort into it. For now their lamp from Grandma and their little monkey and piggy banks from their banker Auntie will have to do!
These might be my favorite things in the room. I couldn't find curtains that I liked so my mom and aunt went out and found fabric and ribbon and my aunt made these beautifully lined curtains. And her and my uncle came over to hang them! I have the best family!

Well, that is it! Thanks Abby for hosting this nursery party and for just being you in general!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apple and Boo

They are biting each other, do you think they might be a little suspicious of each other?!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer....

Boy they weren't kidding about the lazy days of summer! My new job of full-time momma is much more work than my old job was! I am loving spending my days with them! And on a personal plus side, I have lost 2 lbs. a week for the last two which was my goal so hopefully I can actually do something about my bed rest and back injury weight!
Yesterday I walked in after morning nap to find Boo naked in her crib. Later when we were eating lunch I turned to feed something to Apple and turned back to find Boo shirtless! We might be going through a bit of a naked phase perhaps....she is in her crib now with a onesie on now!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11 - 9 years later

For a brief moment this morning while cuddling and playing with my kids in bed, I forgot that it was August 11 and once I realized it, I felt awful. It has been 9 years, shouldn't I allow myself to forget once in awhile? Shouldn't that be a good thing?
My typical August 11 day is filled with remembering what I was doing that day: hosting a couples bridal shower in my parent's backyard. Rushing around with my girlfriends getting everything just so. I remember my dad coming out to visit for a bit while he waited for my mom to get ready for a wedding they were headed to. The night before Kevin and I had gotten in a ridiculous fight and I went to my parent's for the night. God sure does work in mysterious ways....
We had a wonderful shower and everyone stayed late into the night playing games and swimming. It took hours for my sister-in-law to get a hold of me and I remember collapsing in the backyard. You hear people talk about that feeling....your body failing but you never really think it actually happens to people.
Does the pain ever lessen? Sometimes I worry that I can't remember the sound of his voice.....
Will I spend the rest of my days being in joyous moments only to realize that every wonderful occasion is actually bittersweet?
Days get better as time goes by, but this day is my day to wallow in self-pity. To cry for not having my dad with me for all the grown up things I have done and become. For him to be proud of me, for him to realize I turned out ok, I didn't stay that naughty teenager or that impossible 20-something that knew it all

Monday, July 26, 2010


The babes had their first visit to the beach! We packed up and took them to Oval Beach in Saugatuck, our favorite. This is a classic picture of Boo with the breeze blowing through her hair!They loved the beach and were of course well behaved. They both liked to have their feet buried in the sand and Boo was very interested in the seagulls. Once we got in the water she was also very interested in the waves. The first one knocked her over and after thinking about it for a minute, went running in for more! Apple was a bit more hesitant at first trying to get his footing but once we were in, there was no getting out!

After the beach we walked around downtown for a bit where we ran into Dave & Andrea of course! It was Sunday evening and we see each other all the time on Sunday evenings normally at Meijer so this was impressive they had stalked us all the way to Saugatuck!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wait and wait...

I sit and don't post anything because I am waiting for a picture, JUST POST!
Here are some pics just for you Aunt Gail! Our first trip to the park, we don't have a pic of Boo on the swings because she freaked out when we tried to put her in! She loved splashing in the water at Ellen's though!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big Week

So many changes are happening this week....Apple said his first word on Monday, "Dog", he took his first independent steps on Tuesday,Boo's top two teeth came in and they both have started to play peek-a-boo with their hands instead of just a blanket and it is so cute!
Boo is also starting to laugh like a little girl instead of giggling like a baby. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and laugh.
They are also getting very curious and are really starting to play with each other, yesterday Kevin had them down to just their diapers for lunch and he turned around in time to catch Boo taking Apple's diaper off, Apple thought it was hilarious!
They are also getting a bit mischievous....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pump it Up!

I just never knew who I was until I was a mother. Who knew I would be so adamant about my kids not having processed foods?! Well, they do eat whole grain goldfish now because Kevin gave them to them and LOVE them so I let that go, however, that has been about the extent of it. And whole-grain Cheerios. I am glad they have been given the opportunity to learn healthy eating habits right from the start and I am content knowing we have given them everything we can.
Who else knew I would still be pumping away after 14 months and still not be ready to give it up? Well, sometimes when it is late and I am sitting there while Kevin starts dozing off I think I will stop but I am just not ready. It is so good for their little brains and why not give them everything I've got?! When did you give up nursing? Did you go longer on your last child because you knew you would never do it again?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Little Apple

Sometimes when Apple is on my shoulders or I am holding him and he catches a glimpse of my earring, he puts his gentle little hand flat on my check and turns my head....I can't explain it but it makes me smile every time he does it. I will try and catch it on video. It is just precious, the feel of his soft, warm little hand and the quizzical look on his face....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grandpa & Boo

Boo has been having a rough couple of days, not sure if she is getting another tooth or what but it seems like Grandpa is helping her feel better!
So sweet!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Look at those toothers!

Obviously the camera angle but look at those crazy long arms!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The other morning the kids were sitting by me while I was getting ready. I noticed Boo had a book and a couple of minutes later I noticed Boo wrapping her arm around Apple and she gave him a hug! It was just adorable. Now some of you might say it was more of a headlock because she was trying to get her book back from Apple but I am going to stick with the hug! She did get the book back....
I told Kevin about it and he told me it must have been pay back because while I was in the shower Apple did something to Boo that made her cry for 5 minutes! Kevin said he was giving Boo a bottle a few minutes later and every time Apple came by she growled at him! Hilarious! I love these kids!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I am on the phone doing a reference check on someone and what do I hear.....a toilet flushing! I had to repeat my question because he couldn't hear me! Are you kidding me?!
Gosh I miss my kids! I am so thankful to have them home with Kevin at least and he is so good about sending me pics throughout the day.
We got the babes' one year pictures done this weekend, can not wait to get them! They both did really good, it was hard corralling them when it was time to take them together but we set them on a little cube and that froze them enough to get a couple of shots. We might need a little touch-up on Boo's nose but I think they all turned out pretty well.
After pictures we went over to Jamie and Laura's for dinner and the kids played, it was so cute! It is nice to be able to have the kids socialize a little more now that they are a little older and we are heading out of RSV season! WooWhoo!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing.....wait what?
How can you not laugh when you walk in to see this?!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Could they be any cuter?!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wonder and Amazement

I would just love to know what they are thinking!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Crisis

We had our first major incident this weekend, and of course I was home by myself! We have been hiding the fireplace hearth with pillows and it has gone well for a while but they have discovered it and are very intrigued. All the pillows were off and Boo stumbled and fell. It was the worst feeling I have felt. Thankfully, she only scraped her nose, I can't believe it. No bumps, no bruises, no red spot. We woke her up when Kevin got home so he could take a look and she seemed fine. I went in there a couple of more times just to make sure she would stir, it seems like she didn't actually hit, just maybe scraped her nose on the way up. Definitely more traumatic for Momma than it was for Boo!
Thank you Krista for your love and support to calm me!

Friday, April 2, 2010

We took the kids for the first walk in their big kid stroller, facing forward, not in their car seats. Apple giggled and kicked the whole time, it was hilarious!
They are getting to be more and more fun every day, the other night at dinner they were holding each other's hand! I love them so much I can't stand it!
I'll try and catch some pics of our next walk!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I don't know why I make public statements like I am going to post every week!
Both babes are cruising along furniture now and Boo will stand on her own! They are both starting to teeth, we met some other 10 month old babies who had teeth and apparently Boo is just like her Momma and is very competitive, the next day she popped her first tooth! We can't get a pic of it though with those big lips! Apple's is just starting to show through. They have been pretty good through it all.
They also are starting to eat finger foods, Apple seems to catch on quicker to food related things even though he is the smaller one!
We can't believe how fast the time truly flies, it is almost their first birthday!