Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Nursery

My blog friend and former co-worker has given me such inspiration through her blog! Luckily I kept seeing a name on a childhood friend's facebook that looked familiar and what do you was Abby! What a small, weird world! I have updated our family room and kitchen and have even finally started to finish the nursery solely because she is having a nursery party on her blog to show off people's nursery. While I still have a couple of more pieces to buy (specifically some hooks at Hobby Lobby which were not on sale. And you know HL, if it isn't on sale this week, it will be next week!) Anyway, here are some pics of our nursery. Because we didn't find out what we were having, we had to keep it neutral. And now that there is a boy and a girl in there, I still like to just keep the original colors and get their blues and pinks in through the clothes.

My favorite thing in the nursery, it is one of those Uppercase Living things you put on the wall but I wanted to be able to keep it forever so I put it on canvas. I do not recommend this! Luckily, Kev used to love doing model cars when he was little so he did all the detailing.
Turned out it matched the colors in the changing table cover perfectly! I still use our changing table almost exclusively which I think it quite rare from what I have heard from others!

I love the shelf running along the top of two walls. Mainly because I can display things out of reach of little hands. I was already on bed rest so I told my mom what I was envisioning and she went out and found the perfect pieces! I didn't want everything baby-ish so we got some safari-like pieces at of course, Hobby Lobby to go along with the wall decals. And of course I had to display the little Cabbage Patch dolls Uncle Ryan & Aunt Kate got the babies! I think that was our first baby gift.

Just some more wall decals....

The room looks quite stark in this picture! I used to have these cozy brown bumpers on the cribs but took them off when the babes started sleeping in their cribs and just a couple of months ago went to put them back on and decided a don't like bumpers. I don't like all the ties, it looks messy to me. I try and keep their sheets coordinated, green, tan, brown polka dots or stripes. For the longest time Apple would only sleep on a blanket that we used out on the couch when they would wake up so we tried to replace it with a velvet sheet. Not sure if it really works or not but I am not willing to find out!

I literally just hung these bamboo pieces before I took this pic! I told myself I was going to do something different with this dresser, it was already in the room but I haven't yet. However, with all my new inspiration, I am ready to tackle it. I am thinking of just painting the light wood brown, it isn't a quality piece so I will not put that much effort into it. For now their lamp from Grandma and their little monkey and piggy banks from their banker Auntie will have to do!
These might be my favorite things in the room. I couldn't find curtains that I liked so my mom and aunt went out and found fabric and ribbon and my aunt made these beautifully lined curtains. And her and my uncle came over to hang them! I have the best family!

Well, that is it! Thanks Abby for hosting this nursery party and for just being you in general!

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Abby and Her Boys said...

This turned out GREAT Sarah. I wish I had thought of putting Holden's monogram decal on canvas. Genius!