Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Baby Girl

Boo had a bit of a stomach bug last week Wednesday night and still wasn't feel well Thursday morning.  Just wanted a lot of cuddling and didn't have much of an appetite.
Friday morning Kevin left a little before 9:00 to pick Tyler up for the weekend and Boo fell in the kitchen and had a seizure.  While it seemed like it lasted forever, it really was probably only 20 seconds.  However, it was long enough for her lips and face to turn blue.  I called 911 and by the time the police paramedic arrived, she was sleeping in my arms.  She was difficult to wake up and by the time Kevin came back, the paramedics had arrived and were ready to take her to the hospital.
They ran some blood work on her which didn't show anything besides that she wasn't feeling well (slightly dehydrated) and within a couple of hours we were back home.
Within an hour of being home, she seized again.  Back the same police paramedic came and he walked in and said, "How are you back already?"  Again, she was already sleeping in my arms.  We then took our second ambulance trip of the day to DeVos.  This time the doctors had quite a different air about them.  They immediately got a CT scan and spinal tap, all which came back clean.  While we were talking to the peds resident, Boo seized again.  This one lasted about as long as the other two.
Soon after we are admitted upstairs to the peds floor and she had her fourth seizure.  This one lasted about a minute so they were lasting longer and happening quicker.  They talked to a peds neurologist and they prescribed an anti-seizure medicine.  Meanwhile, I had caught Boo's stomach bug and the nurses were kind enough to set me up with some toiletries so I could shower and brush my teeth.  While I was in the shower they came to administer her the meds and she seized again.  Her 5th seizure lasted 1 1/2 minutes.
They told us the medicine would also make her sleepy and I was relieved to have her get some sleep knowing that she was on the monitor that I could watch to make sure she was ok.
Her 6th and final seizure happened about 10:30 that night and went back down to only lasting 1 minute and seemed a little less severe.  They were already thinking these were from her stomach bug, viral induced seizures.  She never had a fever, it was just the way her body reacted to the toxins.
The neurologist, who happened to be a friend from high school's new husband, prescribed another time of anti-seizure medicine and that got us through with no more seizures.  Boo woke up around midnight and wouldn't fall back to sleep.  It took about 90 minutes to get her to go back down and the same thing happened again at 4:00.  She wanted up but because of the seizures and medicine she didn't have good control and was wobbly and couldn't crawl or stand up.  It was too much for me to watch, I just couldn't do it.  Thankfully my mom was there and her and our nurse helped get Boo to sleep while I walked the floors a bit.  It seemed to help that I was there so she wasn't reaching for me.  At least that is what I am choosing to believe since I couldn't "mom up".
The next morning she woke up and seemed a bit better.  When Dr. Chillag, my friend's husband, came in, he even got a bit of a smile out of her.  Even though I had never met him, it was nice to have an extra connection with him.
We spent the rest of the day at the hospital with no more seizures.  That evening we even walked around the halls with her for a bit.  Kevin went home around 8:00 to relieve my mom and put Apple down for the night.  I was completely scared that she would seize again around that time because they had said the medicine would last in her brain for around 20 hours, putting me right around that time.  I asked if they could skip the vitals check that night because that is what woke her the other times the night before.  They agreed because she was on the monitor.
After some amazing chats with friends and words of hope and faith, I dozed on and off as did Boo.  I heard her toss and turn a bit but we slept through until about 6:30.  She was definitely feeling a bit better and even did a little dancing to Mickey Mouse in her crib that morning.  It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen!

Later that morning they let us go home.  She hasn't seized since Friday night and hopefully we will never see it again.  The next time she is sick we will have to watch her closely, her chances of this happening again go up from 1% to 2%.
For now though, her and her brother are happy she is home!

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