Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pump it Up!

I just never knew who I was until I was a mother. Who knew I would be so adamant about my kids not having processed foods?! Well, they do eat whole grain goldfish now because Kevin gave them to them and LOVE them so I let that go, however, that has been about the extent of it. And whole-grain Cheerios. I am glad they have been given the opportunity to learn healthy eating habits right from the start and I am content knowing we have given them everything we can.
Who else knew I would still be pumping away after 14 months and still not be ready to give it up? Well, sometimes when it is late and I am sitting there while Kevin starts dozing off I think I will stop but I am just not ready. It is so good for their little brains and why not give them everything I've got?! When did you give up nursing? Did you go longer on your last child because you knew you would never do it again?

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