Monday, March 23, 2009


Apple can now bottle feed at any of his feedings if he is up for it. They feed every 3 hours and he has taken some by bottle at every one since his 9:00 feeding today! He is so amazing. I noticed this in Apple's notes today under his daily exam: "sleepy, woke for exam, no crying, MAD". Te he! Everyone keeps using the word "fiery" for him.

Kevin is finally feeling better so he got to feed Apple today for the first time. I loved it. We were just talking about how we can't imagine life without one of them even though I had a bit of anxiety this afternoon when Kevin left and I was alone with the two of them for the first time. Luckily it quickly passed!
Boo never has much in her notes, she is just cruising right along! The doctor did tell me today that they are thrilled with how far along they are given their age. That is always nice to hear! She is bottling at every feeding now, taking most if not all every time. It even looks like her cheeks are starting to fill out more! Her lips are just the cutest!

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