Sunday, March 22, 2009


Apple's IV came out last night around midnight and he has been doing great since! His feedings have been upped to 25 CCs (almost 1 ounce) and tonight he was awake for his 6:00 feeding so we decided to try and have him bottle feed and he took the whole bottle and had a great little burp mid way through. He even stayed awake for awhile after. It was amazing! He is doing so well and getting so strong! He has even grown 1/4 inch!

Boo is now enjoying her new digs, I must admit to being a little paranoid about someone not realizing there is a baby in there....I know I am being irrational but I did mention it to the nurse and also acknowledged the crazy in it! She bottled at almost every feeding today, taking a few more CCs each time. We just talked with the nurse and she bottled at 9:00 leaving only 4 CCs left! She too has grown, 1/2 inch for her.

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