Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Another fabulous day with the babes! We stopped at Target on our way out for a couple of things for them and I thought I could walk. Big mistake. I had spent the morning feeling like it was my best day yet and later paid the price for pushing it.
Boo is bottling every time and taking her whole feeding. She is waking up a bit before feeding and staying awake for awhile after.Apple is bottling about half of his feedings half the time....does that make sense?! He is still doing more than they thought he could, he is such a strong little man!!

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Anonymous said...

I finally had time to check in on your blog!!! Way to go guys! What an awesome way to keep everyone posted on the babies growth and happenings! Sounds like they are doing incredible!!!! They are absolutely beautiful! Take care and love you guys!!! Gail Roelofs